Trader’s Edge has been in existence in one form or another for over 15 years now. Over that time, it has grown into a vibrant community of committed, enthusiastic, like-minded traders. Our community was started by industry veteran Alan McGrath. You’ll still find him actively involved in the chat rooms, and he hosts regular community chats about all things trading.

We all have different styles, time frames, methodology and personalities…but the one thing we have in common is a strong understanding that success in the markets comes from continuous learning, honing skills, and adapting to changing conditions.

Our community is focussed mostly on ASX equities and does have a bias towards short term trading…but I’m sure you will always find someone who is willing to chat with you about fundamentals, crypto, overseas markets and anything else trading orientated!

Amongst our members you’ll find experienced and successful traders, but also many who are newer to the industry…and if you do have a question or two, I’m sure you will find someone willing to help.

“The path to successful trading is not an easy one. It requires an incredible amount of resilience, self-evaluation and ongoing hard work. If you’re not prepared to approach trading in this manner…if you’re looking for an easy ride…. this community is NOT for you!”
Alan McGrath

We are not rampers, pumpers or stock advisers. Observations may be made about price action, market depth or fundamentals, but there are absolutely zero recommendations or financial advice. You will quickly find that the “ramping” style of posts that are seen so often on public forums will NOT be tolerated in our group. Leave your rocket emojis at the door!

Our daily interactions happen in our private Discord server.

Most of our daily intraday chat takes place in our Trading Floor channels. Here you’ll find rooms dedicated to both intraday and longer term trades, plus an exclusive Pro Trader channel. There are also discussion channels for all styles of trading, both on the ASX and in international markets, futures, commodities, and cryptocurrency.  There are dedicated channels for discussing and sharing technical analysis, and also a space for those more interested in company fundamentals.

We have a group of channels dedicated to your trading education, and growth as a trader. Here you’ll find links to trading tools and education resources, share reviews, work on your tape reading skills, and more.

There are channels to advertise meet ups, hang outs and special events.

We also have a selection of Voice Channels, including an after hours hang out, and pre market prep channel. Regular sessions are hosted by Alan McGrath and other industry pros, which are aimed at sharing knowledge and encouraging growth, no matter what your level of success and experience as a trader.

We’re building an ever-growing reference library of videos and articles that we think will be extremely helpful to traders. These are in the form of both links to outside resources that members have found valuable, and also some produced within Trader’s Edge.

You can search this library for specific areas of knowledge, like charts and set ups, trading psychology, risk management, trading tools, position sizing….and more!

We’ll also be sourcing discounts and special offers exclusively for members.

Other than the obvious answers…like be polite, adhere by the rules, no ramping etc…your prime obligation is to continue to work diligently towards getting the absolute most you can from your trading journey.

Find your edge, grow it, expand your trading capabilities, and share knowledge.

Trader’s Edge is a community, and every community grows stronger when it’s members work towards a common goal. Our goal is to continue to evolve as traders, no matter where on that path you currently find yourself.

Joining our Trader’s Edge Community gives you access to our chat rooms, regular educational and review video sessions, and all member area Trading Resources.

For just $1 a day ($365 annually) you can accelerate your trading journey surrounded by a community of serious, committed traders. We do offer a one off 2 week trial for $40.